Monday, March 21, 2005

I rest under the tree's dazzlingly spontaneous branches, seated on its largest root - reluctant to be completely submerged in soil.  It provides minimal but sufficient comfort.  Cars speed past in an order that defies nature.  They make haste, while I make peace.  It is a sunny March afternoon, but the temperature is less than agreeable.  I have not fully awakened, and desire a boost of energy.  I decide to retreat from the solid root, which is now causing discomfort to my tailbone, and walk to a local coffee shop.

In a "coffee bistro", the distractions are endless.  There are couches stationed in every corner, elegant light fixtures, and various publications scattered throughout the table tops.  The benign conversations of patrons subdue 80's pop music competing for attention.  The first sip of coffee burns a small area of my tongue.  I am completely removed from nature.