Thursday, April 21, 2005


Three more weeks
Of living in my own filth
There's no time to feel the breeze rush through my Rock Star hair
Only time to procrastinate
After attendance I'll sneak away
To complete my list, or disregard it
Larry's beard is thick
And his forehead shimmers in the sunlight
He will know I am missing
I don't know the date
But I can feel summer in my bones
Three more weeks until freedom
I bit my lip and the blood tastes salty - like life!
Short hair, bikes, beer, _____, and loose women
Three weeks until perfection!
Larry will ride a giant airplane
And listen to jazz
He'll kick back and smoke a spliff
In a hot tub in Italy
He'll take photographs of historical landmarks
And scandalous women
Three weeks until intoxication
I'll throw up on my list
Because I won't need it anymore
I'll get a slick haircut
And go to the bar
There I'll find a beautiful princess
Smashed like a mirror
I'll cheer her up and bring her home
To my warm bed, safe and sound
The next morning we'll go to the art museum
And eat at the cafe
Then we'll take a walk along the lake shore
I'll work and eat and read and think
I'll chug a beer and breathe a sigh of relief 
In three more weeks
I just want to sleep