Friday, February 10, 2012

The Unclean Rider

Local light-skinned law enforcement
Made a quite obscene endorsement
Legislation, my dear old soul
Attempts to prevent my desire to roll

Yet I pursue The Night in my automobile
Rolling, like film on a reel
Mighty wind through locks I feel
A thunder storm in every wheel

Townsfolk gaze with greed, despair
Conquered by a steed so fair
And mouths agape at musk so rare
But I, for one, could scarcely care

Those who doubt or dare ask why
Have seldom heard an engine cry
Or pressed against a clutch so fine
Or felt a chill along their spine

For days, for weeks, for months on end
Obsession fixed on but one trend
My income now a shining heap
At last, rewards are mine to reap!

My mistress great, my maid, my wife
Agree I lead a wondrous life
Pursuing The Night from dusk 'til dawn
Indeed, I have it going on

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